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Mr Roy Cumberlege

I never teach my pupils, I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn” – Albert Einstein

Although I have been teaching since 1991 and have seen many changes throughout the years, my passion for lecturing and my students has not changed. Becoming an effective teacher is a lifelong process and I am constantly striving to find ways and means to stimulate learning and intellectual growth in my students.
As a teacher, it is my job to stimulate and encourage thinking rather than to provide answers and resolve problems. It is my responsibility to give students professional competence as required by our profession body. I am committed and passionate about teaching and believe that it is important to develop relationships with students, thereby building their self-confidence and enabling them to grow as a student but also as a person. I always motivate and inspire my students in order to gain personal growth.  Constant communication and feedback from students has been vital to the growth I have undergone since I began teaching. 
One thing I have realised during my years of teaching is how diverse classes can be. The classes are not only made up of students from different streams, but also from variety of economic, ethnic, cultural background and leaning styles. Therefore, I approach and treat each group of students differently.
Although the focus of teaching is to impact subject content, I prefer a more practical approach. I always try to create an environment that allows students with diverse learning styles to maximise their potential to retain the information and apply it to real situations.
Engagement, relevance and enthusiasm best describe my approach to teaching. I believe that students learn best when they are actively involved in the learning process, thus I allow students to participate in open discussions and debate during lectures. Practical sessions reinforce the foresaid. I also attempt to engage students by using diverse teaching methods, encouraging them to think why certain things are done in a certain way, especially in the quantity surveying field. 
As a professional registered quantity surveyor, I also convey the values of professionalism and integrity to students by endorsing a professional relationship with my students. I expect my students also to act and doing business in a professional manner. In addition, I maintain an open-door policy should students wish to consult me. I actively listen to students’ requests and act accordingly, trying to resolve the situation where possible. Students are more motivated if they perceive that someone cares about them and cares for their studies. 
What gives me the “kick” to continue the good work of Teaching and Learning, is when I meet one of my students after graduating and I notice how that student has exceled in the profession, only to realise that I was part of his or her development.
The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires” – William Arthur Ward.  I believe that I am one of those great teachers.

Mr Johann Slabber

My involvement in teaching was born from a need to share my personal knowledge and experience gained through working both locally and internationally in the quantity surveying profession, and in doing so, assist others to potentially excel in their chosen field of study.
For me good teaching entails the ability to evoke interest in the field of study, provide an accurate and relevant theoretical base and stimulate interpretation, critical thinking and ultimately application on the part of the student.
With the aid of the latest technology available and my continuous involvement with the profession, I use an informal approach to evoke interest in the field of study, a structured approach to provide a relevant theoretical base and real-life scenarios to stimulate interpretation, critical thinking and ultimately application on the part of my students.
I expect my students to show a true interest in their chosen field of study. I don’t want them to simply learn to pass or graduate, but to learn to understand, think and ultimately apply. Although diverse in our respective backgrounds, cultures and beliefs, our joint interest in our chosen field of study should provide the base for a valuable and enriching learning experience.  
A willingness to engage and learn will be met by a willingness to assist wherever possible from my part. I believe the opportunity to learn should be viewed as a privilege. Embracing the opportunity is a responsibility.
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