Rank 1 - Mr Gerdus Cloete BSc QS Hons

Title: Marketing of Quantity Surveyor Services -Investigating the Knowledge Vacuum

Rank 2 - Mr Leon De Jager BSc QS Hons

Title: The Leadership Effectiveness of Quantity Surveyors in South Africa

Rank 3 - Mr Henno Cronje BSc Hons

Title: Value Management in the Quantity Surveying Profession

Rank 4 - Mr Tiaan Van Eyk BSc QS Hons

Title: Assessing Female Shopper Preferences Regarding Shopping Centres in Port Elizabeth

Rank 5 - Ms Thyra Laporte BSc QS Hons 

Title: Strategic Planning in Quantity Surveying Practices: A South African Approach

Rank 6 - Ms Sabrina Talbot BSc QS Hons

Title: Feasibility of Collaboration in a Quantity Surveying Treatise Module









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