Candidates shall be admitted to the study for the qualification of Doctor of Philosophy in Construction Economics only if they hold the qualification of Bachelor of Science Honours in Quantity Surveying with seven years’ appropriate postgraduate practical experience, or if they hold the qualification of Master of Science in Construction Economics, or if they hold a Master’s qualification in a related discipline.
Final year for admission
The final year for new admission into this programme was 2015.
Completion of qualification 
The final year for all students to comply with all requirements for this qualification is 2022.
Obtaining the qualification
The qualification shall be obtained by complying with the requirements set out in the General Rules for Master’s and Doctoral Degrees, or presenting a thesis which complies with the requirements set out in the General Rules for Master’s and Doctoral Degrees, based on the candidates’ research publications, work in practice and/or research work, which shows that they are authorities in their field.
Special examination arrangements
External examiners, who are recognised authorities in the specific field, shall be appointed by the Faculty Management Committee.
The qualification shall extend over a minimum of two years or a maximum of six years of full-time or part-time study.