• Bachelor of Science in Construction Economics or a qualification deemed equivalent and approved by Senate, and
  • A weighted average of at least 60% for major modules at third year level
Please note: Places are limited and all applicants are subject to selection based on academic performance.
Final year for admission
The final year for new admission into this programme was 2016.
Completion of qualification
The final year for all students to comply with all requirements for this qualification is 2021.
A treatise of between 12000 and 15000 words on an approved topic shall be required. Candidates must submit a research topic for approval by the end of the first term of the academic year. The candidate must submit one draft copy of the completed treatise by not later than 31 August. Three final copies of the treatise must be submitted for the purpose of examination by the end of November.
Obtaining the qualification
The qualification shall be obtained by completing the modules prescribed by Senate.Awarding the qualification cum laude Unless Senate decides otherwise, the qualification shall be awarded cum laude if students comply with the requirements stipulated in the General Prospectus. The
following shall be regarded as the major modules:
Quantities 4
Quantity Surveying 4
Building Economics 4
Property Economics 4
The qualification shall extend over at least one year of full-time study. The qualification can also be completed over two academic years in consultation with the Head of Department.