• Minimum NSC requirements for degree entry must be met
  • An application with NSC Grade 12 Mathematics requires a minimum Applicant Score of 370 
  • NSC achievement rating of at least 55% for Mathematics
  • Admission is subject to departmental selection

Final year for admission

The final year for new admission into this programme was 2015


Completion of qualification

The final year for all students to comply with all requirements for this qualification is 2020


Recommended NSC subjects

Engineering Graphics and Design

Physical Sciences



Re-admission Policy

Please refer to the section regarding Re-admission Requirements for Undergraduate Programmes under General Information and Regulations


Obtaining the qualification

The qualification shall be obtained by completing the modules prescribed by Senate


Awarding the qualification cum laude

Unless Senate decides otherwise, the qualification shall be awarded cum laude if students comply with the requirements as stipulated in the General Prospectus The following modules shall be regarded as the major modules:

Quantities 301

Building Economics 301

Quantity Surveying 301



The qualification shall extend over at least three years of full-time study. Please refer to the section regarding Maximum Period of Study under General Information and Regulations